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05:01 21-May-12

Man becomes dirty while spanking his lovers butt

02:29 31-Jan-12

mini Strip Poker

Tags: mini, poker, strip
06:58 4-Aug-12

Vintage Gay Twink Ass Spanking

00:00 18-Jul-12

Sterne Retribution

04:59 20-Nov-11

mikey from amsterdam visits london

00:00 5-Jul-12

Abusing John

Tags: abusing, john
03:12 31-Jan-12

mini Jonathon Compilation

03:20 22-Jul-12

SouthernDiscipline Studios

00:00 13-Jul-12

Naughty Maid Spanked

00:00 25-Oct-12

Spanking Buddies

10:50 17-Sep-12

98 strokes

Tags: strokes
14:00 23-Jul-12

fessée déculottée sur le canapée

Tags: sur
00:00 25-Oct-12

My Discipline Tales

00:52 8-Mar-12

Hart spanking 2 Boys Ficken Hart Geil rum

Tags: boys, ficken, geil, hart, rum
02:15 22-Jul-12

Ryan's Real Life Discipline

08:29 12-Sep-12

Trey's Spanking - part 4

Tags: part, spanking
01:40 11-Sep-12

Sub belted at ful strength

04:33 26-Jun-12

John's spanking pt 2

Tags: spanking
05:28 16-Oct-12

having fun

Tags: fun
02:49 16-Dec-11

Spanked for wearing wifes panties

04:44 14-Nov-11

Spanking a boy otk and hard

Tags: boy, hard, otk, spanking
04:59 24-Jul-12

fessée sévère en mini slip de bain bleu poisson

20:33 16-Jul-12

Spanked and Wanked

00:00 18-Jul-12

Spanking Curiosity 4

17:38 27-Jun-12

Jason's spanking

Tags: spanking
16:07 10-Jul-12

8 days without cum pt2

Tags: cum, days, pt2
15:31 17-Sep-12

5h session mit CBS, teil 1

Tags: cbs, mit, session, teil
04:53 2-Mar-12

Hand spanking

Tags: hand, spanking
19:32 5-Jul-12

Young slave's ass gets well stretched

02:07 23-Jan-12

Spanked by Daddy

Tags: daddy, spanked
13:33 11-Feb-12

2012 01 Punishment Session None Musical

04:40 12-Aug-12

155.BOY nibbling & rubbing a moaning BEAR in lycra singlet

02:32 9-Jul-12

Ride me Part 2

Tags: part, ride
01:39 13-Oct-12

Suck & Spank

Tags: spank, suck
00:00 24-Oct-12

Farmboy Discipline

04:48 31-Dec-11

Cane & Birch

Tags: birch, cane
21:01 10-Sep-12

OTK Punishment

02:45 11-Sep-12

Pfurzen in die Lederhose

01:31 20-Aug-12

Stockhiebe auf den speckigen Lederarsch

02:44 14-Oct-12

Flogging,spanking whip005

00:00 23-Oct-12

Spanking Curiosity

00:00 19-Jul-12

Kenzie Madison

22:34 5-Nov-11

ripping + spanking

02:01 7-Jul-12

early spanking

00:00 24-Oct-12

Farmer Darby's Spanking Ranch

20:00 3-Sep-12

Anal fun and a little spanking

Tags: anal, fun, spanking
08:07 15-Oct-12

My first dildo

Tags: dildo
03:00 16-Oct-12

spanking kbear

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02:23 2-Feb-12

Young First Timer

Tags: timer, young
32:39 18-Aug-12

OTK Slippering No.1

04:21 17-Sep-12

Excellence in Torment Part 1

47:22 4-Jul-12

In a bar under the sea

Tags: bar, sea
33:34 17-May-12

Daddy Howard - Bruin spanking

02:50 6-Jul-12

Jason has toys used on his ass after getting fingered

01:00 6-May-12


Tags: spanking
17:04 2-Feb-12

A Dual Punishment Part 4

03:16 8-Feb-12

A Little Spanking (Warm Up)

Tags: spanking
00:00 19-Jul-12

Spankings At Twink Inc

03:43 18-Sep-12

My Bitch Slave Qualify Ritual (Part 2 of 3)

04:22 12-Sep-12

Trey's Spanking - part 5

Tags: part, spanking
07:44 24-Jul-12

fessée sévère en mini slip de bain noir et short noir

Tags: bain, mini, noir, short, slip
01:53 17-Sep-12

ti prego prendimi 02

11:34 17-Sep-12

Spank, Jackoff, Cum & Slurp

07:46 16-Sep-12

Excellence in Torment Part 5

01:48 10-Dec-11

good spanking boy

Tags: boy, good, spanking
07:31 15-Jul-12

John's spanking pt 1

Tags: spanking
18:11 3-Aug-12

Asshole spanking

04:03 25-Jul-12

Baby Bear Takes It Like A Man

Tags: bear, man, takes
01:40 15-Oct-12

TangaBoi Humping 03

04:28 16-Sep-12

spanking leatherboy

02:59 15-Aug-12

horny in skinny jeans (part 5)

03:48 11-Sep-12

second meeting

Tags: meeting
11:57 25-Oct-12

Bad boy on swing

Tags: bad, boy, swing
01:50 17-Sep-12

Spank my Butt !

Tags: butt, spank
04:09 14-Oct-12

I am in one of my oldest levis

Tags: levis, oldest
06:54 2-Feb-12

Boi get hard flogging before fucking

05:53 12-Oct-12

CBT on my NEW slave

Tags: cbt, slave
09:45 25-Jul-12

self corporal punishment

08:44 8-Sep-12

Gay home improvement banging

01:52 15-Aug-12

xtube spankings

02:39 12-Oct-12

Pluggin the slave

Tags: pluggin, slave
01:52 17-Sep-12

autoerotismo anale

14:58 13-Oct-12

Another night in the Dungeon

Tags: dungeon, night
00:00 19-Jul-12

Spankings At Twink Inc

00:00 25-Oct-12

ass spanking

Tags: ass, spanking
07:40 12-Sep-12

Trey's Spanking - part 2

Tags: part, spanking
06:19 16-Feb-12

Dr. Peeemeee and Panadue slave, spanking

00:00 24-Oct-12

British College Spank

01:59 16-Oct-12

spanking and shock

00:00 19-Jul-12

Duty Bound 9

Tags: bound, duty
00:00 10-Jul-12

tied up

Tags: tied
17:24 5-Jul-12

First spanking then nailing

00:00 8-Jul-12

Spanking Little Brother

09:44 22-Jan-12

Cyclecubky 06: Spanked, Gagged & Paddled

02:10 15-Oct-12

Arschvoll auf die blanke Lederhose-Paddel

11:36 17-Sep-12

Turning the Torment Tables Part 3 (caning)

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